We’re thrilled to announce a special edition ESPN Olympics Coverage Channel that will be available during the London Games!


ESPN is the premier source of news and results for the 2012 Summer Olympics, and we’ve created five exciting Triggers powered by The Worldwide Leader in Sports.

The latest news

ESPN’s extensive news coverage is available through two Triggers: New Olympics top story lets you follow the biggest news stories while New Olympics story from search gives you control over the stories most important to you, such as your favorite athlete or sport.

Complete medal results

When your favorite country wins a medal, be the first to know with the New Olympic medal by country Trigger. Use the New Olympic Gold medal by country and New Olympic Gold medal and world record Triggers for more refined results.

We can’t wait to see all the fun Recipes you share with the community using this special edition Channel. Keep your eyes on the what’s hot list for all the latest and greatest Shared Recipes!

—The IFTTT Team