Push.co is a simple way to send and receive iOS notifications of things you like, such as BBC News, The Next Web, and Hacker News.

Use the Push.co Channel on IFTTT for unprecedented control over your notifications.

IFTTT Recipe: Follow any feed from Push.co

IFTTT Recipe: Gmails from VIPs send you a push notification

IFTTT Recipe: New articles on NYT that meet your search criteria get sent to Push.co connects the-new-york-times to push-co

For a limited time, download Push.co for iOS for free and enjoy these Recipes.


New Evernote Action

There’s a brand new Action available for the Evernote Channel that appends a to-do checkbox to any note you choose.

IFTTT Recipe: Send Foursquare To Dos to an Evernote checklist

IFTTT Recipe: Save my iOS reminders to an Evernote checklist