Space has evoked a sense of wonder for millennia and is the ultimate domain left to explore.

The Space Channel is a native IFTTT Channel powered by NASA, Open Notify, Mars Atmospheric Aggregation System, and How Many People Are In Space Right Now.

IFTTT Recipe: Read the week's ISS On-Orbit Status Reports every Sunday morning connects space to email-digest

IFTTT Recipe: Set my Android's wallpaper to the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day connects space to android-device

IFTTT Recipe: Save breaking news reports from NASA to my Pocket connects space to pocket

IFTTT Recipe: Did an Astronaut enter space? Find out by iOS Notificaiton connects space to ios-notifications

IFTTT Recipe: Did an Astronaut exit space? Find out by Android Notificaiton connects space to android-notifications

IFTTT Recipe: Log each time the ISS passes overhead to a spreadsheet connects space to google-drive

IFTTT Recipe: Tweet when the season changes on Mars! (As detected by the Curiosity Rover) connects space to twitter

No space suit necessary to activate and use so launch right in!